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    Greetings Ascendants,

    Thank you for joining us on our Official Forums! We know that all of you have many questions and are excited to share A:IR with you. This morning, our team collected some of the questions you have been posting and wanted to share a few answers.

    Please understand that this project is still under development; this means game aspects, plans, and the rest are subject to change. Next week we will be heading to G-Star for the A:IR Showcase, which will have even more information. Keeping that in mind, we hope you find the FAQ below helpful; and will work to bring you more information and updates as we move forward.

    • Are the classes of A:IR gender locked?
      • Bluehole is planning to add both genders to each class.

    • What types of mounts and vehicles will A:IR have?
      • Aerial vehicles include airships, animal-type mounts, and bike-type vehicles. You can fly using a jetpack and a wingsuit even though they are not the same as mounts. Also, there is a ground mount, and a mech which can also be crafted by the users later.
    • How do I register on the test server or sign-up for CBT?
      • Currently, there is no test sign-up, but you can sign-up for our newsletter. Check back here on the official website, or follow us on our social media where we will release more information as it is available.
    • Will there be more classes at launch?
      • No additional classes are planned for launch. Each of the current classes, however, can be specialized into two sub classes. More information about sub-classes will be shared in the future..
    • Why was there lag in the teaser video?
      • The first video is an early CBT Build for the G-Star Demo. This and many features of the game will continue development and improvements will be made as the project continues.
    • What is the minimum specification?
    • What is the current build status, and how far along is development?
      • At this stage A:IR is at about 60% of completion.

    • What will be the main content focus at G-Star?
      • The theme of the G-Star build is Realm vs Realm (RvR). With A:IR RvR you will be able to experience airships and aerial battles. Players will also be able to go out into the game world to experience combat, exploration, and quests.
    • What is the pricing plan or business model for A:IR?
      • The business model that A:IR will use is, we know, a highly sought after answer but unfortunately, I do not have information that I can share at this moment. The model is still being discussed, and we will release the information as soon as possible.
    Again, we thank you all for your enthusiasm, and look forward to growing together. A discussion thread has been made to leave comments in, you can find it in the General Section of the forums or click »Here«.

    - The A:IR Crew
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