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    Greetings Ascendants,

    Today we bring you some screen shots and history of the major cities and regions in the world of A:IR! The war torn and mysterious land that A:IR takes place in has quite a lot of history behind the wide array of differing landscapes. See and learn about the beautiful cities and landscapes that you'll be able to explore in the future. Enjoy!

    Nousgard Continent


    Sunsetville is located on the main island of Nousgard and is known as the largest city and economic center of Nousgard. The sunset is so beautiful there that the name Sunsetville is still used until today. At first, Sunsetville was a refugee camp for those who have escaped the Great War of Harth. Since then, it has expanded and evolved into a thriving city.

    The traces of the past are rare and can be found only in the old buildings of the commercial district. Now, it has become a dignified city with large scale buildings such as the Auditorium and the Itea Music Hall.

    The Sunsetville Plaza is an important square where the city began and it is also where the sacred Sephiroth tree is located. The Sephiroth tree was a sacred tree belonging to the Itea clan and was brought onboard the Ambrion to escape the Great War of Harth. While on the Ambrion, the Sephiroth tree protected the people with its shield created from the root of the tree until Ambrion arrived at Nousgard. Since then, the Itea clan, who ruled Nousgard, named the Sephiroth tree as the Guardian of Nousgard and also used the tree’s image in the Nousgard symbol. The people of Nousgard regard the Sephiroth tree as sacred and Sunsetville Plaza, where Sephiroth is located, serves as the center of the city.

    Sunsetville is made up of a residential area, commercial district, and expedition headquarters. The Itea Music Hall in the residential area is enjoyed by the people as a cultural facility where various performances are held from time to time. The commercial district is centered around the harbor and it has everything you need nearby so many people come and go from this district. The expedition headquarters is responsible for the security of Nousgard. It is divided into the headquarters and the auditorium which is used for training purposes. Auditoriums are also open to civilians and used as an educational facility except in special cases.


    White Citadel

    The White Citadel is the oldest castle in Nousgard and it is also the castle that took the longest to build.
    It is called White Citadel because it was fortified with mainly white bricks.
    The white color of the castle symbolizes the white hair which is a characteristic of Itea clan who rule Nousgard.

    After the escape from Harth, the Itea clan led the construction of the White Citadelin order to assert the legitimacy of the Itea clan as the ruling clan of Nousgard.
    It was customary in Nousgard to build a fortress that symbolizes the clan domicile.

    At first, the White Citadel was to be built at the auditorium in Sunsetville, however, Ischld Itea, the ruler at the time, opposed the idea. Ischld Itea insisted that the castle be more magnificent and authoritative and that it needed to be built on a location high up that can overlook Sunsetville entirely.

    Despite numerous objections to Ischld Itea’s plan, it was eventually built at the current location as intended by Ischld, and Ischld was blamed throughout his administration for wasting tax money and exploiting his labor power indiscriminately. Despite its history, the White Citadel retains its title as the most famous building in the history of Nousgard.
    The owner of the White Citadel today is the current Ruler of Nousgard, Neyshar Itea.

    Unlike Sunsetville, which is managed jointly by the expedition and Nousgardians, the White Citadel is solely managed by Nousgardians. Normally, it is strictly forbidden for the public to enter, but it is open to civilians from time to time when there is a formal event.



    When the Great War broke out, there were people that were able to escape the Harth continent on a huge airship, Ambrion. But, due to the sudden catastrophe, many lives were lost and with them some of the technology and skills belonging to the people on the airship.

    The Itea clan did not spare any investment and tried everything to restore the lost technology and skills, however, even after a long time, the lost technology and skills were never fully recovered. In particular, the restoration of the Ambrion, which was the essence of their lost technology, was the goal of the Itea clan.

    Inventus is the modern version of the giant airship based on the old Ambrion design. Unlike general airships used for reconnaissance or engagement, it was built to be a flying city capable of accommodating the entire population of Nousgard. Inventus can be divided into the upper and lower floors and it can be seen by the design of the ship that self-sufficiency and defense against attacks were important elements to the designers of the airship.

    On the upper floor of Inventus there is a temporary White Citadel where Neyshar resides along with plazas, shipyards, and harbors. There are also cannons stationed on the upper floor all prepared to defend enemy attacks. In case of emergencies, the central passageway which connects the upper floors and the lower floors are blocked off to prevent people from going back and forth to protect the residents of Inventus.

    Most of the lower floors on the Inventus consist of living space, shopping centers, animal breeding grounds, and crop plantations. There is also a small garden on the lower hill where the Sephiroth grows which was brought over from Nousgard. People on Inventus also believe and have faith that the Sephiroth’s shield will protect them.


    Levitanite Mining Site

    The Levitanite Mining Site is the most unstable area in the Harth continent and there is always conflict. In addition, there areLevitanite deposits there. Since prehistoric times, Levitanite has been a precious ore that is rare and found only in certain areas. Due to this reason, wherever Levitanite was found ended up being a high conflict area. Especially in the Harth continent where advanced machinery and technology was developed, it was common to send an army to occupy the area to secure the Levitanite deposits.

    The same was true for the Vulpin and Ontari who left Inventus for Harth. At first, Vulpin and Ontari settled in the South and North respectively and had an agreement not to engage each other’s forces until the Black Herald invasion was expelled. After both factions had settled down however, they each began expanding their territories and reached a point where they bordered each other. Once the Levitanite was found in the canyons of the Levitanite Mining Site, the two factions entered a period of full-fledged opposition.

    Currently, Levitanite can also be found at other locations besides the canyons of the mining site. The Great War left the land in horrible disarray and some leftover fragments of land began to float with the power of the Levitanite. This is the reason why there are many large and small floating stones in these unstable canyons of the Levitanite Mining Site. Still to this day, Vulpin and Ontari continue their fierce battle to occupy this specific territory in order to establish their dominant position.


    Metal Lava Grand Outpost

    Metal Lava Grand Outpost is an outpost for the Vulpin and is known for being the first outpost built under the Vulpin leader, Eve.

    During the construction of Inventus, advice was provided from technicians who originated from Nousgard so that it can resemble the great city, Sunsetville, which was destroyed by Black Herald.

    Eve, the leader of the Vulpin, told her forces during the opening ceremony that the Vulpin will expand their territory centering around the Metal Lava Grand Outpost and declared that it would grow to be big enough to serve as their capital city. Just as there was Sunsetville in Nousgard, Eve wanted a symbolic capital city for the Vulpin which was to be the Metal Lava Grand Outpost.
    This Outpost is uniquely characterized by the lava zone near the base. This area is very dry and the volcano is still active.

    At first, many opposed the idea because this area was not ideal for living, but eventually, people accepted it because the area was left undamaged even after the catastrophe from the Great War and there was a large operational forge that remained.

    Scholars believed that this forge was constructed by the Vulpin before the Great War and although it was old and rusty, it was still usable. Eve, the leader of the Vulpin, wanted to continue using this forge and prove that they are the true descendants of the Vulpin from the past.

    The Metal Lava Grand Outpost is not yet a complete base, but it has the military facility capable of dispatching crew members and launching airships. It also serves as the main commercial city where a variety of merchants gather to engage in a thriving economy. However, there are no allocated civilian residential areas yet. Unlike other major cities, it was created strictly for functional purposes.


    The Hope Banner

    Royd, the leader of the Ontari, settled on the Harth continent and first planned to build a huge and powerful airship comparable to the Inventus. The reason behind his plan was so that whenever the Black Herald attack next, the Ontari would have an outpost that can stay safe on both land and sky.

    When the Ontari first settled on Harth continent, it was a wooded forest and it was difficult to ensure adequate space large enough to build a huge airship. But as time passed and the territory of the Ontari expanded, they acquired enough space to build and so they began constructing the outpost. This outpost is The Hope Banner and it represents the Ontari faction.

    The Hope Banner is an outpost centered around a shipyard with a variety of facilities that are built around it. It also serves as a city for the Ontari, but the overall quality of it cannot compare to the standards of other major cities. The Hope Banner began expanding without special area planning and built around the shipyard when something else was needed. The Hope Banner is mainly divided into 2 areas. One area is the Shipyard where the ships are built and the other area is the commercial district where people reside and conduct business. In addition, there are military facilities all around the outpost and it is protected with the strongest defenses that the Ontari have.


    Castle of Glory

    The Castle of Glory is a giant castle found in the middle of the lost lands. It is one of the few buildings that did not suffer any damage from the catastrophe of the Great War. People believe that the land which the Castle of Glory was built on was not originally floating and that it is man-made.

    To understand the Castle of Glory, you must first know the Sky Temple. The Sky Temple was built to prove the faith of the followers of Khaput, who is known as the creator of Harth. It was also known as the most beautiful building from the past Harth. It is especially known for floating off the ground using the energy generated from the many other man-made floating land pieces surrounding it.

    After the Sky Temple was completed, many others who were attracted to the beauty of the design began building similar castles. The one which is the most similar to the Sky Temple is the Castle of Glory.

    The cost of making man-made floating land was so astronomical at the time that it was impossible for an individual to afford alone. The Vulpin and the Ontari ceased their long conflict and decided to split the expense halfway to build the Castle of Glory.

    This castle was not built for the intention for actual use and unlike other castles, it does not have any residential areas and is not equipped with defensive armaments. Since this castle was built by both the Vulpin and the Ontari, it has gates at both ends in the north and the south. The long streets at the entrance of each gate were used as ports for airships. As time went on, commercial areas at the gate entrances began to form as more people visited the Castle of Glory.

    The lost lands where the Castle of Glory was found was an empty land that both Vulpin and the Ontari avoided as it was made up of small floating land pieces that made it difficult to approach and no Levitanites were found in the area either.

    The reason that the lost lands and the Castle of Glory became important is that the castle is a tactical structure that can be helpful for aerial combat. And after the discovery of the Castle of Glory, both the Vulpin and the Ontari are beginning to dispute once again to claim this territory for the glory of the Harth of the past.
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    Some thoughts and crtique:

    White Citadel - can't see anything because of fog. The background - the ground in the back/below - looks like it isn't developed at all, just some empty space. The trees remind me of Skyrim modding, where the some modders would put the vegetation in most random and most illogical places possible, might be a wrong impression because of the foggy picture, though.

    Inventus - I really like it and how the surrounding area looks on the picture. Feels truly like being survivors in a shattered world, with how it seems to float on the river/ocean made of clouds, with some random rocks and remnats of the past civilization looking out of the clouds. Very nice overall mood, IMO. I'd welcome more of that.

    The Hope Banner - has nice steampunky vibe to it, the air ballons are a nice detail.

    Castle of Glyry - seems interesting in general, mostly because of the long promenade with the shops etc and supposedly several piers for the airships, but the castle's geometry seems like only a fairly small part of it was made to be actually used. The main body of the castle seems like it's just for looks and not very imaginative looks at that.

    Some other things that caught my eye:




    It also seems like there is a distinct lack of coastal areas - have I missed something? Some large lakes and pretty shorelines would be nice, IMO.

    The other thing that bothers me a bit about the overall design is that there isn't anything about the world design-wise(apart from Inventus, I guess) that would have caught my attention and made me go "WOW, that is something really original/unique and awesome!". Most of the time my reaction is "well, that's nice" at best, which seems like a flaw in terms of general game design from my perspective as a player.
    I also feel that, given the theme of airships and flying, there should be a bit more surreality about the landscapes than what is currently there.

    Some exemplary pictures:


    Given that the world is supposedly shattered, I'd expect to encounter more broken up large pieces of it. I'd imagine this would also provide interesting opportunities for PvP campaigns between Ontari and Vulpin where the factions would fight for bigger floating isles and settlements there.




    If the Castle of Glory had a girlfriend this would be the castle its girlfriend would tell it to not worry about.

    Just like Inventus, floating on a sea of clouds:


    Also less flat and more three-dimensional clouds look abviously pretty nice as a backdrop. When you imagine flying on your airship, breaking through the clouds and suddenly seeing something like this for the first time, you'll probably understand what I'm getting at.


    I mentioned it some time ago - even the cities and towns need a certain degree of three-dimensionality to feel more unique and set them apart from other MMOs' locations.


    Towns that sort of grow further into the sky:


    Coastal regions with a sprinke of surreality:



    Now imagine, you are sort of randomly flying around and think to yourself if there is a chance that the other - "wild" - Elves might have survived the catastrophy and what kind of technology or magic they might have needed for that. And that more elven maidens with big titties are always nice to have in your life. Lost in thoughts you come off course, get into some storm and manage to fight through stormy clouds and suddenly:


    "Hory shitto, they are alive!"

    And the last one:


    If it were up to me, this is what that Lava Outpost from the original post would look like. And since I trancended MS Paint some time ago, have a doodle with some further ideas how to make it more awesome:


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