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    Greetings Ascendants,

    Many aspects of A:IR are now in the process of being refined, after the first Beta test in Korea. This includes not only game play features but also the look and feel of the world. While we all wait (im) -patiently to learn more about all the improvements made by the development team, we want to start spotlighting a few smaller aspects and show some concept art that will hopefully sweeten the wait and will give you an impression of the devastated world formerly known as Harth and its inhabitants.

    An unknown land awaits

    In A:IR you will play a reborn citizen of one of the former kingdoms of Harth and since all your memories are gone, you depend on help and guidance of people around you to get stronger and to find your calling in a world of conflicts.

    Concept art showing Nous Expedition members on Nousgard

    Artist commentary:
    The main emphasis was placed on the design code of the expedition. It should feel natural even if several NPCs are wearing similar clothes while walking around the village. So I thought about a design with a "special agent" feel to it. Expedition members should look serious but with a mysterious touch to their appearance which has been achieved by covering most of the character and even parts of the faces.

    General Cruz Axis
    One of the early acquaintances you will make and he will likely leave a lasting impression.

    The Axis family was not a pure warrior dynasty before the Great Catastrophe. There were always great warriors among the Axis, but it did not suffice for the family to reach the upper echelon of central power.

    After the Great Catastrophe, the Axis increased their influence when the Nous settled in Nousgard and thanks to Cruz Axis, the Axis family took the lead during the efforts to pioneer this unknown land in a time predating the existence of the first star child.

    Cruz can be stubborn but even now in his old age he is a competent and courageous leader and he is broadly considered the most skillful General since the founding of the Nous military. When he was younger, he never hesitated to fight on the front line despite his position. This ultimately cost him a leg while fighting monsters on the floating islands.

    Concept art of General Cruz Axis in uniform

    Artist commentary:
    Axis' outfit was designed using dark colors to emphasize his charismatic and regal personality. I wanted to add rich furs and some historically inspired features to the armor in order to convey the character's personality. Additionally, in order to differentiate Axis from other NPCs, we gave him a prosthetic leg, which emphasizes his identity as experienced general.

    We hope you have enjoyed this little article and stay tuned for more previews over the next few weeks.

    The A:IR Crew
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