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    Greetings Ascendants,

    This week we are happy to present a little sneak peak at some more ferocious inhabitants of the world of A:IR. All artwork and the names mentioned in this article, are works in progress and subject to change. So please don’t be surprised if some of what’s shown here will look slightly different later in the game.
    At the end of the article you will also find the introduction of another important NPC, Harras.

    Concept art showing Harth after the Great Catastrophe

    Artist comment

    Before the Great Catastophe, there used to be the planet Harth and three moons around it. However, one of the moons crashed into Harth (Great Catastrophe) and a large earthquake erupted. The planet was ripped into several floating continents and debris started revolving around two satellites. I was trying to express the floating islands in the form of a massive sphere bound by gravity, which is the element of the planet even though it was destroyed.

    During the Great Catastrophe, that destroyed Harth meteorites rained down and caused rapid climate change. Numerous species became extinct, but some still survived until the present day by adapting to the unstable environment. Xumhorns have survived the Great Catastrophe by developing a rocky leather skin to survive subsequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and falling meteorites. Some scholars argue, that Xumhorns have rocky leather skin because they have been eating minerals due to lacking other prey after the Great Catastrophe, and that is why they can be frequently seen in the mining area, however, this has not been confirmed.

    Concept art showing a Xumhorn

    Duncla concept art

    Artist commentary:
    Dunclas are flying fish without eyes.
    They hunt by following the smell of blood, and the whole body is covered in the sharp spines.

    Concept art showing a Perueta

    Concept art showing a Shadow of Death

    Artist commentary:
    The Shadow of death is a furious dragon that has a well-developed jaw.
    It is a powerful monster with a talon and solid alligatorlike skin

    A Starborn, like you the player, Harras joined the Nous military when he was an Auditorium student appointed by the Itea family. However, tacitly the Nous military only accepted fellow Nous, so the Generals objected due to his birth. As a Starborn, he stood out amongst the other soldiers, but the military was too restricted for him to reach his full potential.
    In the end, Harras left the Nous army and moved to the Expedition group, actively leading the exploration and deconstruction missions. Harras' s combat capabilities can not be described as the best of the Expedition group, but because he is a natural leader, he climbed to the position of the Expedition group chief. Harras is regarded as a competent and impartial leader and earned the respect, not only of the Expedition group but also of the Nous.

    During his time in the army, he fell in love with Leah, a Nous woman. Leah married him against the opposition of her family because she was not supposed to marry a foreigner. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last for a long time. Although they were divorced, Harras cared deeply for his daughter Hynell. However, as Hynell died at a young age and Leah followed soon, Harras gradually became withdrawn and only focused on work.

    Harras concept art

    Artist commentary:
    Harras was designed to show his calm and careful personality as the commander of the expedition. He has a tranquil look and a fit body. His outfit has been designed to be luxurious with a pattern to show his status.

    That's all we have for now but we will keep sharing more artwork and background stories over the next weeks, so keep an eye out for the next article.

    The A:IR Team
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