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    Greetings Ascendants,

    Cursed to hate each other, the Vulpin and Ontari fought an endless war until the Great Catastrophe destroyed planet Harth, burning their immortal bodies. It has been the Nous, who started bringing the souls of Vulpin and Ontari back to help to rebuild the world. They are the Starborn and as the player, you will be one of them.
    But also darker forces are at work and many of the scattered souls have been drawn to more sinister bodies. Those are called the Black Heralds but not much is currently know about them. Fortunately, we have been able to secure some early footage and we are happy to share it today with you the fans.

    Gradogs are Black Heralds with a powerful body that can swing a giant hammer with one hand. They are very good at threatening and killing opponents in the front line. Gradog's mechanical left arms are usually used to destroy obstacles. Gradogs rarely appear alone, usually found in groups with other Black Heralds.


    Grawise are Black Heralds that analyze combat and direct other Black Heralds strategically. As captains of the Black Heralds they are more than capable of managing small groups of infantry efficiently. They use various elemental attacks.


    In the past, there was a huge Lizardmen population on Harth, but their intelligence was low and they were violent. So they never reached any higher civilization. They lived scattered in many areas of Harth and most of them died during the Great Catastrophe.
    However, some survived and grotesquely changed descendants of the Lizardmen have been seen amongst Black Heralds, apparently mainly filling the ranks of expendable foot soldiers.


    We hope you enjoyed this week’s sneak peek.

    The A:IR Crew
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