Suggestion: Skills using Wings, Rocketboots and Jet Packs

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    Some time ago I watched a random video showing off some random mobile action game and one of the characters there would use its wings every time it used a charge or leap tipe of skill. I thought this looked pretty cool and that this might fit A:IR well, too.

    Therefore I think that letting A:IR characters show wings, rocket boots and jet packs during some skills would fit from immersion point of view and simply make the combat look bit more exciting.


    Already has a leap that looks a little bit awkward IMO if you consider that this is a VERY heavily armoured character doing such acrobatics.
    Could use conventional wings(magical, mechanical) or a modified, smaller jet pack with cool visuals.


    This one could maybe get a new evasion based skill, that lets the character do the combo of taking a quick shot and move back a short distance 3 times in a row.
    Could use conventional wings(mechanical, magical), mechanical dragonfly wings or maybe fancy looking rocket boot effects.


    Could get a new skill: character uses its wings to execute a leaping charge with a low and flat trajectory, hitting an opponent and stunning him, then swing around the target to stab the target from the back with both weapons, after which the assassin would fold the wings and do a salto while kicking the target to the ground at the same time.
    Could use wings - conventional and dragonfly ones, magical and mechanical.

    MS Paint professional at work again:



    The caster surrounds himself with magical energies, spreads his wings and flies high into the air from where he executes a series of powerful AOE attacks.
    Would use magical conventional wings.

    A bit like this, I'd imagine :cool:


    Winds of healing: caster floats above the ground and flaps its wings, summoning magical winds that heal allies in a 120 degree cone. Skill has high range. Caster can change the direction of the healing winds by facing the desired direction while casting the spell.
    Wings: conventional magical or some fancy butterfly ones.
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