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    This is going to be a huge deal for a game such as this, well any MMO or game that works as an online service.

    We all know how BDO has functioned since its release and how many issues it has had with server stability and the like. A lot of that has to do with their server location and a large portion of its player base connecting with upwards of 100 ping. There is evidence to show from games like League of Legends, WoW, and other popular large online services that the west coast is not a functionally sound area to host servers in the NA region, not exclusively at least.

    Going from population density and overall population a majority of the US and Canada have higher populations along the east coast. Now I am not saying put the servers on the East Coast like they did with the BDO servers being on the absolute furthest part of the West Coast. But put them in an intelligent location such as Texas or Chicago. Both being more centrally located for the highest population areas for the NA market.

    It doesn't affect the EU or other areas as much as the NA market because unlike other regions the NA infrastructure is really horrible so intelligent placement is key to providing a smooth play experience.

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