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    Greetings Ascendants!

    As many of you are aware, the Korean Closed Beta Test will open soon, giving the world a deeper look into Ascent: Infinite Realm. In preparation for this, Bluehole has shared a new article showing the basic controls for exploring the world of A:IR. We have no doubt you too would like to see this information and have prepared it for you below. We will focus on core mechanics of the game and their controls in this article.

    Please note that all of the information below is based on the Korean Closed Beta Test (CBT); it is subject to change between now and the Western release.

    Character Movement and Pointer Manipulation
    1. You can move the character by pressing the [WASD] keys on your keyboard or by right-clicking your desired destination.
      • Double tapping the [ W ] Key will make your character sprint forward.
    2. Pressing the [ Space ] button will make your character jump.
    3. The Right Mouse Button is used to change the direction of the camera view and character.
    4. The Left Mouse Button is used to adjust the camera view only.
      • Simultaneously pressing both Left and Right mouse buttons will move both your camera and character in unison.
      • You can toggle auto-running with either NumLock or the Middle Mouse Button.
    Mounted Flight Controls
    1. Mount Altitude
      • To adjust your mounts altitude use the [ Space ] and [ Shift ] keys.
    2. Enemies Altitude
    3. Stamina Gauge - Stamina is required to fly, and will be consumed during flight.
      • Stamina will be automatically regenerated when not in flight.
    4. You can dismount with the [C] key, however, dismounting from a high altitude may result in death.

    1. When you approach an interactive target, the [F] key is activated.
    2. By pressing [F] or using the RMB, you can converse with NPC’s or activate objects.

    Selecting a Target
    1. When you turn your camera toward enemies, the closest within 18 meters will be selected.
    2. Looking at other enemies will change the selected target.
    3. When viewing an empty area, selected targets are released after 2 seconds.

    Locking a Target
    1. When looking at an enemy, the target will be automatically selected.
    2. Pressing the [TAB] key will lock on to the current target.
    3. Once you are locked on a target, it cannot be changed by looking at another enemy.
    4. Pressing [TAB] again will unlock your target.
    Targeting an Ally
    1. Shows an Enemy is currently targeted, this will not conflict with healing skills.
    2. By pressing [G], you can select ally targets for healing/beneficial skills.
    3. You can use the [`] or [~] key to target yourself.
    4. If you are targeting yourself, you can clear it with the [TAB] key.

    Skills Customization
    1. You can open the Skill Window by pressing [K] or using the menu icon.
    2. You can drag and drop your skills on to the hotbar, however, you cannot group different skill types together.
    3. Sustained Skills must be dragged into the empty slot at the bottom to activate the effect.

    Skill Customization - Relics
    1. Relics are used to enhance specific skills. When you click on the Relic, you will see the “V” checkmark on the affected skill and the Relic Enhancement Window will open.
    2. Upgrading Relics also upgrades the enhancements on your skills.

    Quest Markers

    If you miss a quest, look around for nearby quest markers. The color of the marker indicates quest type.
    1. Yellow - Important Quests; These are usually tied the the main storyline of A:IR.
    2. Green - General and Rafin’s Quests.
    3. Orange - Urgent Quests
    4. Red - World Quests
    5. Purple - Expedition Quests
    6. A quest is available.
    7. A quest is in progress.
    8. Rewards for quest completion.
    9. Navigation guide, indicating quest direction and distance. This can also be checked via the minimap radar, at the top right of the screen.

    Abandoning Quests
    1. You can abandon quests via the Map (M).
    2. You can see your quest list on the Map (M), on the bottom right.
    3. If you select an ongoing quest and press the “Abandon” button, the quest will be removed.

    Quest Notification Marker
    1. By clicking the marker on the Notification Box, you can see more detailed quest information.
    2. If you have multiple active quests, you can prioritize them with this button.

    Raffin’s Quests
    1. If you have the required fruit, you can accept a Rafin’s quest. Press [F] to exchange the fruit with Rafin and receive a quest.
    2. Should a quest be too difficult, you can exchange another fruit for a new quest, however, it will delete the old one.

    World Map (M)
    1. If you move too far from the recommended leveling area, your character’s movement will slow, and your camera will become blurry. Remaining in the Dark Zone will damage your character, eventually causing death.
    2. Active areas that are recommended for your current progression will be bright on your map, while other areas will be blacked out.

    Equipment Disassembly
    1. Unnecessary equipment or airships can be disassembled.
    2. Press the Disassembly button on the bottom left of your Inventory page, and select the equipment or airship you wish to dismantle.
    3. Material obtained via disassembly can be used for enhancement or production.

    Death and Resurrection
    1. When your character dies, you can resurrect by using a Resurrection Item, or by moving to the nearest “Soul Stone”.
    2. You can resurrect instantaneously by using a resurrection item where you died.

    Emergency Escape
    1. If you become stuck in the terrain and cannot complete a quest, press [O] to open the main menu.
    2. Press the “Emergency Escape” button, on the pop-up window, and your character will be sent to the nearest resurrection point.
    3. This will reset the ongoing quest, and require you to pick it up again.
    4. The cooldown for Emergency Escape is 30 minutes, so use it carefully.
    We hope you have enjoyed this article and the insight it gives into the game, once we are closer to our first test phase we will of course have our own Official Guide to share. Soon we will start seeing footage and information from the KR CBT, we hope you enjoy it and welcome your new discussions.

    - The A:IR Team
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