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    has stated here: https://forum.airthegame.com/index.php?threads/preview-core-mechanics-controls.235/

    “The Right Mouse Button is used to change the direction of the camera view and character.”

    So basically to move the camera around it will be needed to keep pressing the right mouse button.
    I find it very uncomfortable. Am I the only one that prefer a FPS approach to camera movement, like TERA itself or FFXIV?

    I’d like to see an in built option to set the camera movement like a FPS and free the right mouse button for a secondary skill.

    What are your considerations about this?
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    Hi! You are looking at outdated information! This is not how the Thai version works. The Thai version is Free-Aim Tab-targeting.
    What you are looking at is the early Korean version which is Lock-on (also called "Target-lock") Tab-targeting.

    If you look at my PM, I explained what a Free-Aim Tab-targeting is. It means you can move the reticule (the Crosshair) at your target like in FPS Games. An example of a Free-Aim Tab-targeting is the Free-Aim Tab-targeting of Revelation Online and the Berserker in NA/EU version of Bless. You don't need to press the right mouse-button to change the Camera which is a Lock-on Tab-targeting design.

    The Thai version is the same as Tera when it comes to Camera, so this is a good thing for you, but not for me, because I prefer the Lock-on.
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