New PC hardware in the next year

Discussion in 'Gameplay Discussions' started by hurfmurf, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Saw this today on Reddit:


    And this got me wondering whether this game would even be able to use all that power because of its old UE3 engine. During the beta the optimum hardware specifications included i5 8400 with 6 cores, but already next year we apparently can expect 12-16 core CPUs as an affordable option for the average gamer, with 6 cores as the poor man's entry step. It would be a shame if Tera's failure in utilization of modern hardware would repeat itself.

    Another thought that came to me upon seeing this picture is that maybe the time has finally come that MMOs will be able to provide pretty graphics, action combat AND MMO numbers(100vs100 for example) at the same time with sufficient FPS. To me this looks a bit like the perfect storm which Blizzard got itself into when they brought out WoW just in the time as the broadband internet became widely available. This time it is the raw CPU power the previous MMOs weren't able to rely on to provide a well-rounded package mentioned above.

    And thus I wonder whether Bluehole devs will be able or even willing to use this unique opportunity before other competitors, who are currently over-concentrating on mobile market, do.
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    Doubt it would, the thing is most game engines used in MMORPG's were made in the Duo/Quad Core days, very few of the engines know how to properly use the added cores/threads.

    With that said, The Ryzen 3000 Series will have pretty nice boost clocks, that will at least put you on par or better then its Intel Rivals, so if you are upgrading to a Ryzen from a older Intel or AMD Chip next year you will get a great bang for buck, to use in gaming overall!

    That 3300x and 3600x are very tempting if they meet Adored TV's leak expectations, even with less a bit of Boost it would still be insane for it's price. Personally going to buy the 3600x to substitute my First Gen Ryzen (1600) due to its clock speed, as sadly MMO's do not really keep up with the industry's progress on the CPU side, heck even the GPU utilisation by most MMO's outside of Black Desert are so low on anything above Mid Range GPU wise.

    Future games will surely benefit from the more cores/threads AMD has forced on the market (Which is a great thing as Intel will also be forced to do so in the coming years) old games will simply rely on the IPC of a CPU, which finally the Ryzen's have caught up with similar clocked Intel Processors, while being cheaper and having more multi task potential (which is great if you like loading tabs or even other games at the same time as your main MMO)

    In the next 3-5 years probably a mmo could come out with the potential to use the newest AMD/Intel/Nvidia advances in general, but as of today, only Black Desert really can pull much juice out of modern mid to high end hardware.

    I do think Bluehole will have the game running as best as it can however, they did a pretty decent job in PUBG in my eyes, my Ryzen and my FURY (and now VEGA) card run it pretty well even in its highest settings, despite many people complaining about that games optimisation it is not that bad for mid to high end rigs.

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