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    To be frank, I think that the current classes of A:IR kind of suck in terms of originality and the visuals offered. Nothing new and exciting at all. The mystic is a bit of an exception, but the decision to make the female variant extremely girly is imo not a good one. I am especially salty about the former sorcerer - now elementalist - being such a giant letdown. By the time this game comes out every cheap mobile game will have offered at least the same kind of class variety with a similar gameplay 3 times over to be tired of.

    Therefore, since we are still like a half year ago( at the very least!) from western release, I'd like to share some ideas for a magical class that hopefully could offer a thematically fitting and somewhat original design.


    Magical damage dealer with debuffs, summons and direct damage capabilities.
    Uses mana.
    Utilizes a prism(looks like a tiny pyramid) in offhand and a magical whip in the mainhand. Prism is for debuffs, summons and spells, whip is for direct damage abilities and some aoe attacks. Whip attacks generate mana.



    Visuals and thematical background:

    Following the original thought from here:

    Class roots in the ancient knowledge of A:IR's wild elves and borrows some visuals from Ancient Egypt(hence the tiny pyramid for a weapon) or maybe Sumer. Spells and abilities reference a spiritual background, ie "Dark Light of Revelation", "Words of Prophecy" etc. Looks obviously clearly magical.


    Combined with these:

    Sketches explaining the basic concept, with spell examples etc:


    Some explanations on skills:

    - Sanctuary: similar to mage's iceblock from WoW, prevents damage for some time. Looks like a transparent mini pyramid or a rhombus/diamond.
    - Judgement summons either one or two floating flat pyramids on the target which then nuke it with fire or lightning.
    - The Light Of Truth summons a giant eye(just like the Illuminati Eye above a pyramid) which then nukes an area with a stream of energy/light.
    - Punishment - the whip entagles a target, immobilizes it and the caster starts channeling magical energy through it, damaging the target. Returns mana in proportion to damage dealt.

    Whip/prism separation:

    Whip is mainly for lower cooldown abilities with direct damage, including an AOE component. CC abilities like Immobilization(Judgement), Knockdown, Disarm, Pull. For some realism the whips skills could/should have a minimum effective range/distance, below which nothing can be hit.
    Prism is for strong nukes with higher cooldowns, debuffs like blind, maybe silence, a knockback("The Cleansing Truth"), energy beam attacks that either are single target or with a very narrow aoe path and summons.


    Creatures with some resemblance/reference to Ancient Egypt or another ancient culture of that period/nearby region.
    Several tiers for summoned creatures: basic, elite, ultimate. Maybe also different types like melee, ranged, with physical or magical damage, more geared towards debuffs/CC or direct damage. Strength, size and ability count increasing with each tier. Summoner can control summon's ability use or enable automatic skill usage.

    Some visuals:






    Aion had really nice Ultimate-type summons tbh.

    Stance switch.

    Since A:IR has(or had?) some sort of stance switch mechanics, this class could get something like that, too.

    For example:


    Dark stance buffs all crowd control type of abilities, DoTs and debuffs, increasing their damage, duration and area of effect. Whip hits cause a DoT effect on targets.

    Light stance increases damage of direct spells and abilities, their AOE and decreases their cooldown. Whip hits with AOE component cover more area in the length.


    Damage stance improves damage of caster's spells. Reduces some cooldowns here and there and maybe enables some secondary effects(ie like with the "Finger of God" spell from the sketch above). But you wouldn't be able to summon elite and ultimate monsters, for example.

    Summon stance enables summoning of stronger or numerous monsters(ie 3 instead of 1 basics), improves their abilities or enables additional ones, gives the caster direct/better control over them, allows to keep certain summoned creatures either longer than usually or even permanently(or as long as you can keep your mana up) etc. Maybe some additional buffs like damage split between caster and summons, or improved mana regeneration etc.


    Avatar - caster transforms into an Avatar of an Ancient Being(some deity, legendary ancestor etc), with the prism sitting right in its chest and shining with bright light. Whip transforms into an ethereal/flaming sword. Caster gains HP and armour/damage reduction, but can't use the whip skills and can't summon other beings(aside from basic summons maybe). Attacks in melee range with the sword, but with some AoE component, shoots energy beams from his eyes and can summon improved "Finger of God" with less cooldown and more damage. Can use most prism skills.

    Prophet - caster can use all spells, summons and whip skills(= more ranged damage and more CC, but less permanent damage reduction).

    Switching the stance would instantly remove the improved effects of each other's stance. Ie going from dark to light reduces dot damage on target, instantly reduces lenght of still active debuffs/CC effects etc.
    Or going from Summon stance into Damage one: the improved creatures simply disappear.

    Well, that's it. Something a bit more unusual, maybe not overly or extremely original, but somewhat different from the recent copy&paste epidemic plaguing Korean games, nontheless. I am thinking about another concept which is a cross between a steampunky samurai and a steampunky jedi knight, but that one is a bit more difficult to get together in a sensical way.

    edit: added another stance combination.
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