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    Who we are and how we came to be

    It has been five years after Navarchy set foot in the MMO ArcheAge, where our initial members had met each other for the first time. After the interest in ArcheAge subsided for some, it felt a shame to lose talented and like-minded players for future games. Navarchy – Community was born to offer a place to start new endeavors with these players, together.

    Navarchy started out to be an anti-PK guild, combating oppression, forging alliances and establishing strong influence by either Politics, Economics or PvP.

    Keeping our moral compass clear and working towards bigger goals instead of short-term personal gains have kept our stability up till now. Our community has a large group of seasoned players, but we welcome everyone feeling comfortable in a PvX gaming environment where ‘winning’ is only half of the fun.

    About A:IR

    We are currently monitoring the Thailand release of the game and getting ready to step foot into the western version of A:IR as well.

    If you're interested, come join us on Discord

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