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    Guild Name: [NA] Voyagers Caravan | PvE Casual​
    Discord: https://discord.gg/uu8Y3VK
    Leader: Shrimp
    Focuses: Community Growth, Trading, Exploring, PvE and general fun, regardless of what we do.
    Time Zones: NA but lots of diverse members, from australia to south korea.
    Age Requirement: everyone is welcome​


    The Voyagers Caravan is a guild dedicated to exploring and trading in the upcoming MMO Ashes of Creation! But that's a long time away, so for now, Astellia and A:IR have peaked our interest. We are a casual yet active, easy-going guild based in NA looking to make new friends and establish partnerships. We plan on doing lots of socializing, trading, and helping those in need, guild or not. We are PvE, and we want to create as many friendly connections as we can with other similar guilds
    Our main focus as a guild will be exploration with friends, although this was initially intended to be focused on exploring Ashes of Creation, i feel that even if we aren't focusing solely on adventuring, we can definitely find some fun things to do together. Everyone is welcome here, and we will always be accepting new members! Although we couldn't fit it into the title, we support all types of people, crafters, traders, explorers and even a researcher if you'd like to be one. We have all these passive roles, but we also have people who are dedicated to the protection of us in our endeavors, the guardians.
    Since we are a casual guild, there will be no required playtimes or mandatory raids of any sort, but it’s still expected for each member to be involved with guild affairs. We are all looking to play the game at our own pace. Our hope is to create a large network of sister guilds that can rely on each other for trade, help, and friendly conversations. At the end of the day, our goal is to grow as people, and as a guild; even if we are casually playing.
    While we wait for the release of Ashes of Creation, we want to play and look into other games like this one. We also sometimes make videos, podcast and various other brain cell killing activities. And, if all of this doesn't excite you or convince you to join, we have our own personal australian thot who will use her feminine charm to get you to join.
    Guild Events:

    Here at The Voyagers Caravan, we like to have server-wide guild events. Some of the events we have are contests, music listenings, giveaways, gaming competitions, and more! Any guild events will be posted in the announcements channel.

    Movie nights are held a couple times a month as well. If you plan on attending one, make sure to check out the movie night channel so you can see when the next movie will be played, and so you can vote on what you want to watch!

    We also have our own minecraft server, exclusive to members of the guild. We also play games like paladins, league, and probably a couple more.
    Looking to join the Voyagers Caravan?

    Just join the discord and enjoy the sometimes tranquil settings, wholesome channels and occasional rousing aggression. At the end of the day, no matter what happens, it's all love.

    We will see you in A:IR!
    we also plan to play other MMOs such as ashes of creation and astellia online, with ashes as our main focus.

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    I just wanted to ask what the plans are for guild participation for now until A:IR, Astellia, and Ashes of Creation come online? I am intrigued by what your guild has to offer and am curious as to what I and others can expect now.

    Thanks :D

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