I've played a lot of mmorpgs of late here's my thoughts

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    So I played just about every mmorpg in the last 2 years ranging from Star Wars Galaxies too Guild Wars 2 you name it Terra, Blade & Soul, Black Desert online, ArcheAge, World of Warcraft, Aion, and countless others.

    Here's the major problem I find myself bored or uninvolved in the world.

    These are a few suggestions I have for Air.

    Make finding a guild super easy, guild search UI. Also give guild leaders a bunch of tools to advertise there guild more so them most mmorpgs do.also give guild's other tools like perks like in black desert online and tools to schedule events like in star trek online.

    Mini games as many as you can think of, give players who are bored of grinding or pvping something else to do. Like fishing or sailing or racing it could be anything or a number of things preferably .

    LIVE Events are also a good idea like in Rift or Guild Wars 2 for example.

    People also like to role play some more then others but Housing should be top notch . No instancing is preferred but a shared realm is also okay. Customization is necessary in 2018 no one cares about a house you can't customize be creative on this one

    The ability to have an outfit show instead of your armor is also a really nice feature. RIFT IS THE perfect example of this. As you collect gear you also collect the look of the gear which is accessible in a nice character Ui in which you can mix and match your characters look at any given time not effecting your gear score and still being able to sell the gear no problem. A great system.

    Dungeon ques are a must.

    Also bag space try not to limit it too much. I don't mind buying more space but as a mmorpg'r I like to hord my stuff.

    Star trek online has a zone durning the winter where there are a bunch of mini games you can participate in to get cool rewards and outfits. Something simular and seasonal would be cool in AIR.

    Don't make crafting requirements too tough for the solo or small groups. Like impossible dungeon grinds, or insane crafting requirments..

    I keep mentioning this game but once again in Star Trek Online players can create there own missions and share them with the whole game community . It's call the foundry it's a rather robust system to create nearly any senerio. But I was thinking it might be fun to be able to do something simular in AIR. Mabey players can help create approved content for the game in the form of mini games or world events.

    TAMING OUR MOUNTS , lkke in bless online but more like in Riders of Icarus . Make it fun and engauging not a hassle or a grind. More exotic mounts could require a team or something more like an enchantment ect.

    Above all else try and make the game fun. It's important to have most of the best traditional mmorpg features bit it's also instrumental to make the game fun, and not boring.

    Please feel free to leave feedback or suggestions on this post. I'm curious to here. What kind of ideas everyone has and what kind of response we can get from the developers .
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    You have some good ideas or at least i find them interresting.

    It's true than grinding all time can be bored, having some mini-games and other stuff like that could be truely cool.

    I've played some mmorpg during 7-8 years but craft & dungeons sometimes lost my interest and just ending to chill into customize my house or something like that.

    Honestly, i think than mmorpg can show us more mecanics, more features and quality gameplay, balanced or not. The game can take 100 gb on my disk space, i don't really care if it's a masterpiece.

    I'm agree than bag space can be a big problem when the game got too many crafts, your bag fill with crafting items, outfit, stuff, quest items or other farming objets but an unlimited bag slots can be too much.

    Archeage music's system was really fun, could play your own music with partition during raid events.

    I haven't saw yet an interesting weapon system, beyond crafting & enchant.

    See monsters, boss or other fantastics or mythical creatures is so amazing, make them mount or pet is also incredible.

    About guild, i found that cool to have a guild territory (or a guild house at least), it make people feel like a group or a family. Find a guild easily it's great to progress in a game.

    There is a lot of other systems i could talk about like events, transport, handworker, quests, exploration (...) but my english is bad so i'm don't gonna to expend myself.

    I'm not a game developer and it must be hard to implement all these things but i trust they can make dreams a reality.

    A:IR concept seems really interesting, can't wait to play this game.

    Hope my answer have met yours expectations and there's not a lot of grammatical mistakes inside.
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    I haven't played many MMORPGs but from what I can tell the community has been dying for a good one lately. And, again, from what I can tell, the game is going to go 1 of 3 ways.
    1. It's forgotten a few weeks to a month after launch
    2. It becomes a p2w and loses interest from the larger community
    3. It manages to survive the market and becomes a large successful game (fingers crossed)
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    There are some solid thoughts and ideas mentioned here, but some of them will collide with the korean f2p game design inevitably turning into p2w in some way. IE crafting, bag space and similar things will be used to squeeze money from players in some way. I found crafting in korean games to be always unfun and really annoying to level, with very few actually useful things coming out if it.
    Also, many of the suggestion are things that would happen on the periphery of the actual core of the game, so to say, and won't keep an MMO afloat if the core does not offer a solid experience.

    Thus, things I consider important/vital:

    1. Attractive characters. This is what gathers initial attention easily.

    Meaning a character creation system that offers you the freedom to easily create a character that appeals to you visually. I think it is important to offer some good looking presets, both for different body types(slender, athletic, viking warrior, monk type, scolar etc) and facial sctructures. Sitting for 2 hours in the character creation before actually entering the game sucks tbh.

    A:IR already offers what seems a fairly detailed character creator, but f**kken h*ll where are my hot elves with big titties? These seem not possible with the current selection of slider options. I'm not talking about slutty clothing btw, just strictly about the body type and facial features.

    2. Solid, fun, good looking and also immersive combat gameplay.

    Solid: Character reacts to your input without any strange anomalies. Skills are executed in timely fashion without strange delays. Skills work well together. Classes are fairly balanced for what they are meant to do.
    Fun: Skills can be usead creatively and allow development of variety of different strategies and aproaches. Some sort of cool looking (balanced) ultimate abilities are a plus, too.
    Good looks and immersion: Interesting, impressive and artistically satisfying animations which fit the character class executing them.

    The last point is where A:IR shows some major mishaps IMO: the warlord has several attacks where *I* think it looks simply lame. The wirlwind type of attack looks like the dude does some balett dance, also does not fit someone with a shield and 1-handed weapon - this is much better suited for 2-handers. Warlord also has some sort of a magically boosted attack where some strange creature/animation appears rising from behind him and covering him completely during the animation, which also seems out of place to me.
    And to come back to Elementalist yet again. The one big fire spell that requires some charge up time looks to me just like the "autistic screeching" meme because of the way the character stands during this animation. Maybe this is exactly what the artist had in mind, but I think this is ridiculous.

    3. Medium and large scale PvP.

    I'm really not a fan of the arena-type of pvp, because it fosters some serious balancing issues because of such a small space and role choice.
    Some sort of an instanced battleground with an interesting setting, an engaging game mechanic and well thought out map design will be a huge bonus, though.
    I consider large(r) scale pvp despite potential issues like faction balance and performance issue something that can ensure longetivity of an MMO. Larger scale battles and PvP formats allow players to play their characters in several ways in terms of skill and gear composition(ie finding an interesting niche or spots/places where certain skills are especially efective) and simply offer a proper MMO experience, so to say.

    4. When open PvP or PvE play a major role, content creators among the players need proper tools to lead and manage and regulars players maybe some sort of motivation to become leaders.

    This is one of the aspects of MMOs that can easily get under a radar - the importance of a very few players taking the lead of their guilds, raids or even whole factions and directing the gameplay for hundreds and thousands of people at a time, also creating easily accessible and fun content for many players.
    The importance of such people was/is very apparent in almost all MMOs I played. Raid leaders in WoW, raid and quasi faction leaders in Warhammer, outfit/platoon leaders in Planetside 2, raid leaders in Aion and of course corporation and alliance leaders in EvE Online who manage tens of thousands people at a time played and play an immense role in keeping the regular players engaged and interested.

    Most significant examples for me are Warhammer Online and Planetside 2. Thanks to motivated people leading hundreds of other players into battle, my game evening in these games would go as following:
    Log in and have fun fun fun fun fun fun nonstop fun in nonstop pvp. Log out and think what a great time you had. Log in the next day after and repeat.

    People who enable such a great time for others should not have to fight some bogus obstacles in terms of UI(map, raid window) or communications(chat channels etc). Give the some tools to organize and direct(drawing on a map in Aion was pretty cool, IMO) so that they don't suffer unneccesary frustrations and give up.
    And also try to find a way to encourage and make it easier for regular players to take the lead in smaller formats and maybe adjust and grow further, so that the wellbeing of an entire faction/server does not depend on very few people prone to a burn out.
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