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    Hello there all!

    Thank you for your interest in joining our gaming community as well as our soon TBD division on Ascent: Infinite Realm. Guild name is yet TBD. I may or may not choose to use my gaming community's name. I may choose to decide on a different name altogether.

    For the server, its yet TBD but we will most likely be on the NA servers. Our focus for this game will be on pvx content. As a new guild, we are looking to recruit social, mature players with a goal to see this guild succeed.

    By joining us you'll join a multi gaming community that expands across multiple games (With chapters in Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and various other games as well). We believe that making friendships in our community is integral to our continued success in gaming.

    If you're a new player that would like to join us along the way or a veteran player that would like to help out and offer assistance along the way, we would be happy to chat and see if you are a good fit for us.

    What's our goals?
    • To have an active Gaming Community Discord ✓
    • Rest will be determined at a later date as the release date gets closer.
    Number of members so far

    This is yet TBD.

    What do we offer?
    • An active Discord (As a multi-gaming community, we have members that play a lot of games and some of them cross-over between our chapters too)
    • Community based and Laid back environment (We have a great atmosphere and no one really has problems with one another
    • Option to play other games with us (Cross-over with our chapters in other games is always an option that is available)
    • Friendships (Its how we grow together and enjoy and have fun with one another as a gaming community)
    Regions we're active in
    As we are located on the NA servers, our most active operating times are in North America and Australia/New Zealand. We do however have people around the world and we would love to certainly have more European people in our guild as well.

    Inactive Policy

    Unlike most guilds, we have a very relaxed policy in terms of inactivity. If you're going on vacation, on military leave, real life commitments, etc, we're very relaxed on this and as long as you let us know (whether that's for a month, 3 months, etc), then all is good and we'll only kick if we're at full capacity and have new members interested in joining, which of course we let you know ahead of time.

    And our discord server is usually the main use of communication as we are a multi-gaming community. Users who join our guild are most certainly encouraged to use Discord and the use of it helps our gaming community grow and to know each other more.

    How to join our gaming community

    Pm me here, reply below or contact me on discord

    My Discord Name: taralacity#9987
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