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    Hi folks,

    I would like to ask, if anyone had collected some information though videos, or trailers about what can this game bring us. I'm well aware of "google" service, but my time at the day is kind of limited, to go and look through several sources.. so if anyone did collect something, please feel free to share your knowledge :)

    -open world?
    -are there any areas, that require party play? (can they be soled as in Aion?)
    -I seen some group dungeon gameplay video, do we know how many dungeons are in the game?
    -I seen solo dungeon, same question as above.
    -Any info about raids, or heroic dungeons?
    -Daily quests or repeatable quests ?
    -maybe some bounty system (like Bless)?

    -open world (PK, FFA, faction, guild wars)?
    -any small scale pvp (arenas or battlegrounds)?
    -large scale pvp (seen 100vs100 somewhere).

    Any PvPvE content? I really liked the idea of connection between pvp and pve in abyss dungeons in Aion, I hope this game has something similar too.

    Thank you guys!
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    I've seen some videos about an open world PvE (perhaps a type of wild PvP) and an arena for the PvP with a lot of players.

    Also there may be a PvP mode in the air with planes and jetpacks.
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    There are 2 Housing Systems. One is in Sunsetville in Nousgard Continent (Instanced Activities), and one is in Harth Continent (Open World Activities). How they each work are different.

    Realm vs Realm is Instanced 100 vs 100 (it's actually a PVP-Event/Session).

    It is an Ontari (red) vs Vulpin (blue) Faction thing.

    Defending-Faction has to defend against Attacking-Faction for 10 minutes. Attacking-Faction has to destroy the Defender's Fort (요새). A number of NPC Airships called 돌격선 & 돌격항 (Assaulters) will keep arriving and bombarding the Defender's Fort until it is destroyed (runs out of HP). As an Attacker, your goal is to defend the NPC-Assault-ships until they can get close enough for them to keep assaulting the Fort, as Defenders, their goal is to keep destroying the enemy NPC-Assault-ships so they can stop bombarding the Fort. If NPC-Assault-ships are destroyed, they will just continue to respawn and arrive. The fight for the Fort is an Air-to-Air battle.
    If the Fort is destroyed, the next goal is to attack the Sanctuary (성물) of the Defender. The fight for the Sanctuary is a Ground-to-Ground battle. If the Sanctuary is destroyed (runs out of HP) before the time runs out, then the Attacker wins that Round; if they failed to destroy it before the time runs out, the Defender wins that Round.

    Lose 2 rounds and you lose. The Vulpins and the Ontaris will switch turn between Defending and Attacking. The Vulpin is the Attacker from the first Round and they won, now they have to Defend in the next Round in which they won again.

    There is an Open-World PVP/PK
    just like in Bless' Union vs Heiron (I don't know if they have their own separate Server or not). Ontari (red) vs Vulpin (blue).

    In this video, the Player is a Vulpin, so he can attack any Ontari. In this video, 2 Factions are contesting a World Boss in the Open World.

    The PVP (based in this video) in my opinion is sick, I love it! Although, it is not as large-scale as the Open-World PVP in Revelation Online, Archeage, BDO, and even Bless Online due to technical-limits. It looks small-scale compared to those! The Avatar Combat as seen here is Tab-targeting, but the Vehicles are Action Combat with Collision-Detection that you can even use against an Avatar.

    The Targeting of the Combat in my opinion is good enough already, we don't want the game to be even more limited in scale as they already look now. The Combat is good, I just hate how rhythmic it is, and how it requires too much micro-management. These things that I mentioned have to be redesigned, and they are not related to targeting at all!

    Just my honest opinion about the Open-World PVP - it looks small-scale and that is what's turning me off! There is nothing they can do about that because of technical-limitations! This is the technical-design that they chose so they can deliver on True Action-targeting Combat for Vehicles in the Open World. For that to be possible, they have to Phase the Open World.

    Just my advice, do not expect large-scale PVP in this game similar to the one in Archeage. It's not technically possible on the technical-design of this game. The Open-World is already broken in to Phasings, which means it's limited in scale. You have True Action-targeting on Vehicles with Collision-Detection of Ballistics which is what this game is designed for, it doesn't come without a price. The strength of this game is it's Combat (particularly, Vehicle-Combat), not it's scale which is terrible.
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