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Discussion in 'Gameplay Discussions' started by RedBandit, Aug 4, 2019.

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    Hi Folks,

    Forum is sleeping for a long time. As i see there are no discussions, arguments, conversation anymore. This is because, players are sick of waiting this game since Q4 2017. They lose their hope, patience and thrill. All we see just a party announcement and some screenshots from the game. Come on guys! We need a date, early or late does not matter.

    The other thing that makes me pissed off is realising this game in thailand. I see the community of this game is consisted by EU and Russians players. And you guys dont play this game without vpn. There are also so many thing that can write about the game but im done...
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    This is the last time I'm going to argue with you; i'm done here, you're done here, so listen up for the last time then get the f*** out of here.

    Do you think that releasing A:IR similar to the state it was on the Beta will fix the lack of quality that we've been having in this genre?
    Do you think that it will provide you what you're looking for, which is a long-term successful MMORPG that doesn't share the same problems as the predecessors by just releasing?

    You made it sound like releasing the game is all that needs to happen and that game-design doesn't matter. Ofcourse if the game is bad, releasing it wouldn't matter, now nor ever! A:IR offers nothing new but it's steampunk theme, while at the same time, it inherited almost all of the problems that previous MMOs (especially Korean MMOs) have when it comes to game-design, and most likely monetization will be as well.

    You are quitting the game because it's not releasing now or soon? Does it f***ing matter if the game can release on those dates while the game-design is sh*t? I didn't quit this game because of the release date; I quitted this game because of it's terrible game-design! Do you think a f***ing date matters to me if the game-design is like this? But you failed to notice this because all you can think about is play and hop to the next-same-thing!

    We don't f*cking need another MMORPGthere are too many bad ones already that currently exist!; what we need is a better MMORPG or you will continue to f*cking look for a permanent one successively in a never ending loop where the value of the counter is not updating! It's not a f*cking matter of just releasing! If it's not good, you might as well not f*cking release it! Have a little logic!
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