Enhancing and RNG?

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    If any of you knows what's the known amount of RNG in the game?
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    This game has RNG in it's Equipment Enhancing (the amount is not stated in-game). It has a success-rate with rates becoming less and less as your Enhancement increases. It requires an Enhancing Material (Hammer), an Armor/Weapon Enhancement Stone, Gold, and optionally, a Failure-Preventer Material, to Enhance. There is also a Master Material for Enhancing which I don't know what it's exactly for.

    Enhancing is done through Gear Enhancement NPC. This NPC offers not only Gear Enhancement, but Enhancement Transfer and Enhancement Extraction services as well.

    Equipments in this game have a Durability and Max Durability System. When you fail an Enhancement in this game, it only costs you small Max Durability and Durability loss of the 100/100, and the Materials and Gold spent on failing the Enhancement are consumed. Max Durability Repairs can be done through a Gear Merchant NPC and requires Metal Engineering Tools (which can be Crafted, Rewarded from Dailies, etc.). Durability Repairs can be done through Gear Repair Kits.

    Enhancement Level of an Equipment cannot drop upon failure (when a +4 Equipment fails on going to +5, it stays as +4). Equipments also cannot be destroyed upon failure.

    There are only 3 ways to upgrade an Equipment: Enhancing, Relic slot/s (certain Relics can enhance certain Skills of a Class. Relics are upgradeable), and Runestone slot/s (there are 6 types of Runestones in this game: Might, Defence, Fatality, Haste, Health, and Resistance Runestones. Runestones are upgradeable to next Tier by fusing 3 of the same Runestones of the same Tier).

    Varying Values of Stats of Equipments exist in this game. I've seen the Armor and Weapon Crafting of this game and there is a range with the possible minimum and maximum Values of Stats certain Crafted Equipments can possibly have as a result. Result of Crafting will be based on RNG (the Values of Stats that you will get will be random Values that are within the specified range).

    Equipments can also have a Set with Set Effects in which you can match an Equipment with matching piece/s to gain access to the Effect.
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