Classes and how they have been so far ?

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    Those who have played the game already I was thinking how has the classes been working with the game:

    1. Is there any class what you have felt to be kinda OP ? Any class was bit weak ?
    2. Is there any class what have been more popular than others in both PVP and PVE ?
    3. How used are support classes Mystic and Warlord ? Noticed some lack when running PVP or PVE ?
    4. With mass PVP is there any class what has been dominating ? With 2v2 Arenas is there any class combo dominating over others ?

    I know when it comes with class gameplay there is huge factor with the player and how good anyone is etc. But generic class things like mentioned above always stick out in every MMORPG. Ofc classes will always change, that is what balancing is for, but now I'm trying to figure out how game has been so far with regions it has been open and classes in it.

    I like to play not the most popular or strongest class in every MMORPG. I just like the challenge - so figuring our how things have been so far will help to pick my class in the future a lot. And yes I'm that type of player what can play what ever games has.

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