Class Overview: Warlord, Assassin, & Gunslinger

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    Greetings Ascendants!

    Last week we shared a closer look into the Sorceress & Mystic, this week we are showing three more classes: Warlord, Assassin, Gunslinger!

    Stalwart Battlefield Commander

    The Warlord is a paragon of virtue, upholding courage, honesty, and loyalty. He carries himself with dignity and finds honor in the protection of his allies.

    On the battlefield, he stands at the front line, leading troops by example with a calm, commanding presence.

    Equipped with solid plate armor, which provides protection from head to toe, the Warlord prefers to wield large weapons and shields for both offense and defense. The weight of his armor and shield not only serve to protect him from blows, but help enforce his stability, allowing him to block powerful attacks without losing his footing.

    The Warlord’s high defense, and ability to knock down, slow, and push enemies is an effective manner of provocation, causing them to direct their attacks at him, instead of his allies. He also has the ability to rush forward, despite the weight of his equipment, and deliver unexpected amounts of damage. The attack reach of their weapon may not be very long, however, the range of their provoking yells and ground slams is much wider.

    Main Weapon: Warhammer
    The hammer wielded by a Warlord stands at almost two-thirds of his own height, with a massive head that is two to three times the size of his own. Some Warlords, however, do not wield hammers, preferring maces or axes instead, depending on style and preference.

    Weapons are typically crafted of iron, though this is not necessary, as some have been made from bone or other sturdy materials.

    Sub Weapon: Shield
    Warlords can use three different types of shields: Bucklers, which are chest-sized, round shields, Kite Shields, which are torso-sized, triangular shields and Tower Shields, which are extremely large and can shield the Warlord’s entire body.

    Bucklers and Kite shields are commonly used by less experienced Warlords, who are still learning to wield their weapons and skills effectively, while experienced Warlords tend to favor the defensive might of Tower Shields.

    Not only are shields effective at blocking incoming attacks; they can also be used offensively, to stun, knockback, trip or even flip opponents.

    Warlord shields are often decorated with patterns created with a variety of materials, such as wood, iron, jewels and bones.

    [Combat Tactic Swap - charge / Ironclad]
    • This is the Warlord’s basic combat skill.
    • The Warlord brandishes a gigantic Warhammer, attacking a nearby target. Although slower than other attacks, what this skill lacks in maneuverability it more than compensates via reliable, heavy blows.

    • This skill can be obtained at level 6.
    • This defensive skill allows the Warlord to endure devastating attacks by using their shield. While this skill does not offer much offensive capability, it can be used to survive otherwise fatal attacks.

    Cruel Kiss of Death

    Assassins study the secretive skills of the shadow, learning how to hide themselves in darkness and use their opponents’ own shadows against them. The words “fair play” are a luxury to this relentless combatant, who sneaks up on his victims from behind and kills them without mercy or hesitation.

    With agile movement and an intuition acquired by his experience in the dark, the Assassin wields two light, razor sharp daggers to great effect, often appearing to be nothing more than a dancing shadow.

    Rare survivors have described the Assassin as having a dark, wicked aura, which blooms and flows around his daggers each time he moves. He then disappears without a trace, to never be seen again.

    Main & Sub Weapons: Dagger
    Assassins use daggers as both their main and secondary weapons.
    • The blade of the dagger is about 30cm long, so its attack range is much shorter than other weapons.
    • While it is common to use a single-edged dagger, from time to time, double-edged daggers are employed. There are also elaborate daggers, or those with multiple blades, which inflict fatal damage with little effort.
    During combat, the Assassin wields a dagger in each hand to quickly slice or stab enemies.

    [Combat Tactic Swap - Assassination/ Shadow]
    • This is the basic combat skill of Assassin and it is specialized for instantaneous attacks.
    • Using two daggers, the Assassin appears behind their target and then completes the attack at short range.

    • This can be obtained at level 6.
    • At a mid-range, an assassin can damage enemies by using a kunai, while keeping himself out of danger.

    Battle Hardened Marksman

    With an aggressive, freewheeling personality, Gunslingers can easily stumble into trouble, however, his unerring accurate shooting and sleek movement compensates for any flaws in personality.

    The Gunslinger enjoys provoking his enemies and showing off by rapidly darting out of hazardous situations, while using his dual pistols to great effect.

    Dual wielding pistols allows a Gunslinger to expose the weaknesses of his enemy and exploit them with a rapid barrage of shots. While using dual pistols does allow the Gunslinger flexibility and speed, there are times when they must be set aside so he can take up his rifle. This weapon has a long range, which allows him to devastate his foes with fatal and explosive shots. Gunslingers also excel at extracting themselves from danger with agility and a variety of traps and bombs.

    Main Weapon: Pistols
    The barrel of the pistols extends farther than the barrel of a standard pistol, with a wider muzzle, and has a compensator, which provides more accuracy. The pistol designs are as varied and unique as their wielders.

    Though they still fire bullets, there is no need for a Gunslinger to reload. All of his bullets are magically created, providing an almost infinite supply with many variations on effect and type of bullet created.

    Sub-Weapon: Rifle
    The rifle has a slow firing speed, however, it has a much longer barrel, allowing it to reach a greater distance with better accuracy. Like the pistols, bullets for the rifle are created with magic. The rifle has a wide muzzle to accommodate the wide array of bullets that can be fired from it.

    Rifles are traditionally crafted of wood and metal, and the butt is shaped to comfortably rest against the shoulder, for support. Scope placement and embellishment or decoration can vary depending on the wielder.

    [Combat Tactic Swap - Rapid fire / Sniper]
    Rapid Fire:
    • This is the basic combat skill of Gunslinger and specialized for fast attacks.
    • At mid range, a single bullet fired during Rapid Fire may not be that destructive, but with the speed of Dual Pistols, the bullets add up quickly.
    • It can be obtained at level 6 and it is very useful for single attacks.
    • Though mobility is limited and it takes longer to fire a bullet, the rifle delivers critical hits to the target.

    As always we hope you have enjoyed this update, and you look forward to revealing more as we move closer to the first test phase! Stay tuned for additional announcements, and have a great day. You are also welcome to head over to the Class Discussion section of the forums where we have feedback collection threads waiting for you <Here>.

    - The A:IR Crew
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