Class Overview: Sorceress & Mystic

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    Greetings Ascendants!

    Today we take a first look at two of the classes available in A:IR, Sorceress, and Mystic. Not only will we discuss the weapons and playstyle of the class; we will delve into some of their primary skills and how you can efficiently use them in battle.

    Dominate your enemies with the Arcane Arts.


    With her keen senses and an innate gift for sorcery, the Sorceress commands an arsenal of elemental magic. Due to her sensitivity to external stimuli, she has a reputation for being neurotic and temperamental.

    A Sorceress uses a Magical Staff and dagger, called an Athame, to amplify her innate power or manipulate elemental forces for more elaborate techniques.

    Her defense is weak, especially in comparison to the strength of her attacks. This leads her to freeze enemies in combat, to keep them at a distance, or to instantly teleport to safety when imminent danger looms.

    Main weapon: Staff
    Magic becomes more powerful when concentrated on one point. The more powerful the magic, the stronger the explosive force, which can be dangerous and difficult to control.

    Wizards devised a way to concentrate magic by using a thin, long stick as their focal point. This method allowed for higher accuracy and control, leading many wizards to adopt the tool as a way to protect themselves, as well as focus their power.

    Initially, the tool wizards used was a short, thin wooden rod. However, it could not withstand more powerful and intricate uses of magic. Staves as tall as a full grown adult, and slightly thicker in diameter were eventually adopted. More modern day staves are decorated with precious metal and jewels to enhance their magical power further.

    The material of the decoration varies, depending on personal taste, but materials such as wood, stone, iron, glass, bone, and gems are used.

    Sub weapon: Athame
    A 20- 30cm magical dagger.

    It is constructed with material to help boost magical prowess. The sheath and the hilt of the dagger can also be decorated with materials and jewels that enhance magic power.

    [Combat Tactic Swap - Frost/Flame]
    Each class in A:IR has two Combat Tactics to allow flexibility in combat. During combat, you can use it instantly, without any specific constraints, so that you have the flexibly to react to the ever-changing flow of combat, and employ more strategic tactics.


    • This is Sorceress’s basic combat skill and is specialized for a single target attacks.
    • Though it is a mid-range attack, it maximizes the power of frost magic, and debilitates enemies by slowing or freezing them.
    • This skill can be obtained at level 6 and it is specialized for AoE damage.
    • Although slower to cast than other spells, the sheer destructive force and range of this attack is ideal for handling with multiple enemies.

    Nature’s Blessing Incarnate

    This child of the stars has an exceptional bond with nature, even in a land where intense light falls from the sky and storms rage, obscuring all vision.

    By interacting with nature on a more spiritual level, they learn about the world around them. However, they are incredibly introverted and prefer more sedentary lives. Despite their quiet natures, they still have an inherent desire to interact with and help others.

    Called Mystics, they treat the sick, injured and weak with kindness and compassion. If peace and harmony are in danger, the Mystic appears to lead the battle and achieve victory. It is said that the flexibility and speed of Mystic’s movement are magnificent to behold, akin to the dance of a butterfly.

    When fighting, Mystic carries a wand that appears to have been crafted by Nature itself, along with a small totem, which serves to amplify the energy she wields. Whenever she uses the power of Nature, she receives Nature’s blessing, which can allow her to perform more powerful skills.

    Main Weapon: Wand
    The wand is normally as long as a Mystic’s arm and is slender enough to use with one hand.

    Wands are typically designed to be held by the top with one hand, however, some are designed to be held by the bottom. Sculptures and symbols typically decorate the top of the wand, each in some way signifying nature, and this helps a Mystic focus the power they need to cast spells.

    The most common wands are crafted from branches, however, some wands have been made from metal or special stones, and are spelled to be lightweight.

    Sub weapon: Totem
    A Totem is a magical tool that is shaped into a particular plant, animal, or natural object that the Mystic considers to be sacred. They are also often made of animal bones, fur or other such materials, and can be decorated with metal, gems, lace or even ribbon.

    Totems are very diverse and it is widely known that they amplify Mystic’s nature power. When she channels her power, the symbol on the totem begins to glow.

    [Combat Tactic Swap - Radiance / Verdure]
    Each class in A:IR has two Combat Tactics to allow flexibility in combat. During combat, you can use it instantly, without any specific constraints, so that you have the flexibly to react to the ever changing flow of combat, and employ more strategic tactics.


    • This is a Mystic’s basic combat skill and it is specialized for attack.
    • At mid-range, the Mystic channels the energy of light to gradually damage enemies.
    • This skill can be obtained at level 6.
    • At long range, the Mystic supports her allies to heal and protect them by channeling the energy of the nature.
    Which would you choose, the quiet might of Mystic, or the explosive force of Sorceress? Join us next time, when we unveil more classes! You can head over to Class Section of the forums, we have sticky threads for you to share your feedback <Here>.

    - The A:IR Team

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