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    I think the universal feedback about the airship battleground which was featured during the CBTs came to the agreeing conclusion that it was lame and fairly boring. Thus I, as a professional MS Paint expert, have a suggestion for a maybe more interesting airship battleground.


    The focal point of this battleground is obviously a fortress right in the middle that is accompanied by 4 smaller conquerable fortifications, which control special windstream portals.

    Each side is also provided with a 6 or 11 player flagship, several 2/3-/5-seater gunboats and animal battle mounts. Flagship carries 2 mechs and 2 or 3 1-seater scout "airbikes".

    Each of the structures provides points for holding them for a duration of time and upon reaching a specific point count on side wins. Destroying ships and defeating players provides some points, too. Small forts provide less points than the fortress, same as destroying the flagship gives more points than destroying small ships, animal battle mounts or players.

    The fortress features an artifact that spices up the gameplay in a somewhat refreshing style:

    Delivering the artifact to your base gives you an additional and significant bonus points counting towards the victory amount.
    The artifact appears after the fortress was held by one side for some time.
    The artifact can be picked up by any side - either by player characters or players using a mech suit.
    Players carrying the artifact without mechsuit will be slowed down.
    The artifact can be transported to the base only on the flagship.
    Flagship that defeats enemy ships/animal mounts while it carries the artifact gets additional points for each victory.
    The artifact can be stolen from the flagship by boarding the ship.
    If the flagship carrying the artifact gets destroyed the artifact slowly floats back to the fortress and can still be picked up during that time.
    edit: Carrying the artifact(either by players, mechs or flagship) could provide a damage boost(and maybe increase in damage taken for the flagship?) to allow an interesting decision :)

    The fortress itself has weakpoints on 2 opposite sides, which are covered by an ancient energy shield. The shield can't be disabled and regular gunboats won't shoot through, but concentrated heavy gun volley of the flagship will be able to penetrate the shield and do significant damage to targets inside.

    When your side holds the top and/or bottom forts, a windstream between the fort and your base will activates, allowing your flagship to travel back faster to the battle after you deliver the artifact or after it gets destroyed.

    If you don't hold a fort, a dynamic windstream between left or right fort and top/bottom will appear to allow faster travel for smaller ships and animal battle mounts so they can attack the respective forts easier and add some more dynamic to the battlefield.
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    I wondered if a Battle Royale type of a gameplay/map would fit A:IR.

    Let's say a big map with an arbitraty number of 10 teams with 5 players each.

    Each team gets their own big airship that carries 2 airbikes(could be docked/undocked from the ship at will), 1 mech and basic weaponry. A team's ship is also a resurrection point - if a team loses the ship, they don't automatically lose, but simply can't resurrect after a defeat anymore.

    All over the maps are some treasures, mobs to defeat etc - basically sources for bigger and better ship modules, airbike upgrades, spare parts to repair the ship etc. Maybe even special animal mounts with some funky abilities for the one player without a clear independent role.

    Ideally ressources would be placed in a way that forces players to fight each other from an early point on, either but fighting big ships vs big ship head on or in smaller engagements that would combine airbikes, mechs and players fighting on foot in all sorts of combinations.

    I imagine player role distribution in this general way:
    - Airbikes players are scouts and light attack/harassment craft against other players and ships
    - 1 player is big ship's captain who could support ground players with ship's guns
    - Mech suit player tackles boss monsters and can support his team vs light attack aircraft, vs other players on the ground and in ship boarding fights effectively. Mech suit also would be the one to carry and install ship module upgrades
    - The last player would get a flexible role of ressource gathering, supporting mech suit vs bosses and would use ship's guns when needed. This player also could get a jetpack for faster movement to help with his flexible role.

    Ideally, certain situations would also require players to get off their ship/airbikes and fight on foot, supported by the mech. Ie: some ogres are hoarding some valuables but it's easier to fight them on foot because they would otherwise harpoon big targets very easily.

    If the big ship of a team is destroyed, it may fall to the ground(if there is any) and can be looted/salvaged - but maybe also get repaired again.

    And of course the playable portion of map would shrink over time so that just like in any other Battle Royale format only 1 team would survive the final fight.
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    Yeah I thought about Battle Royale too because of it's populartity

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