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    In another thread I made a remark about how I think the one aerial raid shown so far was fairly lame and that in my opinion there should be a way to make the aerial battle gameplay more fun and dynamic.

    As an example for a fitting raid boss i chose Melditha from Tera Online.

    This was my reason for this choice:
    And as an MS Paint professional I went a bit further and developed this cocept a bit further, with some terrific works of art for a better visualization.




    Phase 1:

    A strange creature drops from space down to the planet's surface and lands between some foating isles. It infects 3 of them with its spores. Each isle becomes occupied by strange new creatures and has its own purpose:

    - top spawns lots of small flying creatures and is surrounded by a strange force field that damages the drives of flying ships within a fairly short time; bigger ships are a bit more resilient but will ultimately succumb to the effect after some time, too.
    - low left spawns big stationary biological artillery cannons, just like in Starship Troopers movie, accompanied by a variety of flying creatures including big boss-type ones
    - the right isle features only ground creatures, but is surrounded by a magical field that competely shuts off all ships drives and damages every magical flying creature that enters it

    Raidboss starts pumping energy from the planet(lore reason to kill it).

    Phase 2:

    Players move in and start attacking.

    The raid boss shields itself by a protective shell or a force field. It begins to pump visibly more energy from below the surface. From time to time it try to shoot a laser beam from its big eye at the largests ship in vincinity or tries to infect ships at further ranges with spores.

    Meanwhie the infected isles present the major danger by pumping out small and big critters in big numbers.
    The artillery on the left isle gets bigger, more numerous and shoots further.
    The isle containing only ground troops may expand the magical no fly zone and starts sending energy to the raid boss, which makes its shell stronger, its attacks happen more often and the spore creatures it shoots at ships stronger.
    The top left isle would spawn mainly lots of smaller flying critters but woud zap the ships nearby with a magical energy that shuts off their engines, and increase the range of this attack if left alone unchecked.

    During that phase payers woud need to destroy its protective shell and suppress the boss by shooting its big and smaller eyes when they open with flagship guns to disturb its energy absorbtion and to prevent big eye attacks.
    Dropping people onto the no fly zone isle woud happen by special catapults on fagships or by players using jetpacks or similar technical gadgets.

    Clearing the infestations on the isles would of course make it much easier to kill the boss:
    - after clearing the infestation friendly support NPCs move in and bring some special equipment with them
    - clearing the top would provide a protective field near the isle and a portal to warp ships in, so that possible losses are easier tio manage
    - clearing down left installs some powerfull artillery there that helps to destroy the shell and adds some dps overall
    - clearing left installs a special magical device that debuffs the boss in a variety of ways and also creates a protective shied to flee to when big aoe attack woud come

    Phase 3: protective shell comes down, raid boss in the state of total chimpout

    - long tentacles shoot towards ships and try to pull them in, where short big ones will maul everything until total destruction
    - boss has its big eyes open and fully operational - Beam of Doom must be avoided at all costs, as it oneshots even the fagships
    - depending on whether some isles are still infected or not, boss would use their special traits in its own attacks, ie disable engines or grow some tentacles into big cannons with not so slow projectiles etc or get buffs to its damage and attack speed
    - raid boss tries to reinfect the isles al the time and also shoots some more spores towards ships that now drag the ships down if not removed; destruction by falling way down possible

    During this phase players would do the following:
    - Flagships shoot the boss and try to avoid the Beam of Doom
    - Gunships woud need to destroy the big meaty tentaces and thus create some weakpoints for bonus damage, while aso shooting the boss and trying to avoid being pulled in
    - Animal mounts would help destroying the long tentacles and take strafing runs at the appearing weakpoints for some serious bonus damage without getting mauled in close proximity
    - Gunners of gunboats and flagships would need to look out for spores being shot off towards the isles and destroy them in flight, if possible
    - Everyone woud need to run and hide in case of special big aoe attacks

    What I hope a raid like that would accomplish in terms of gameplay:
    - a somewhat logical chain of events and actions undertaken by the players
    - dynamical battlefield with lots of movement and less boredom
    - multiple roles to fill in to keep the experience fresh/interesting longer
    - could be pretty neat in terms of visual variety
    - different aerial vehicles and creatures all finding their place on the battlefield
    - offers something to do for people who prefer ground combat
    - can support big player numbers within one raid setting
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