About P2W in A:IR and KaKao's Obligation

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    Before coming out with this game I think it would be only right for Kakao to release a full list of cash shop items and their function, as well as future cash shop items etc. Given KaoKao's previous bait-and-switch tactics with their promises of non-P2W model, it would be prudent for all of us to ask of them to release current and upcoming cash shop items so that we as the customers can truly decide if the game is worth our time/monetary investment and to avoid a repeat of the disaster that is Black Desert. To clarify, the game companies etc. made off pretty well, but only at the expense of the costumer.

    Along with being upfront about these items, which will demonstrate the company's intentions, it would also be reasonable to share upcoming additions to the cash shop so the player base can vote whether to add it to the game.

    With the current lack of any mmorpg to compete for players, it is not unreasonable to think that A:IR will be an exact replica of Black Desert, meaning amazing game and gameplay, starting off with low "convenience" cash shop items, and then switching to full P2W model after players have sunk enough time in to be reluctant to quit.

    We need a game company that is ethical and doesn't see people as cows to be milked. Kakao needs to be ethical and not see people as cows to be milked.
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    A like for the naivete! I'm gonna write you in PM some infos about the publisher and developer just to shatter your pipe dreams XD

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