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    Greetings Ascendants!

    Today we would like to share some details about a new system for A:IR, being tested in the Korean Region. These Special Servers offer modified settings, a limited duration, and specific themes or goals. We share this information today to begin collecting your thoughts and suggestions, but please understand, this is a very new concept and there is no guarantee of how it will be implemented at launch, the information below is based on the first Korean Closed Beta Test.

    Special Server Specs
    These special servers provide a specific scenario or goal but are managed by a player, referred to as the Operator. The actual server is not owned or controlled by the Operator, who would be a type of coordinator, and are selected via an application process. We can use the KR CBT as an excellent example of what this means for such servers. They have two versions planned for testing.


    Currently, these servers are not intended to be permanent homes for players; they offer a new approach to player driven events as well as a testing platform. Additionally, it is important to understand this will be configured in a manner to prevent abuse. The Operator has no special abilities that give them an advantage over another player, and the progress you make on these servers does not necessarily communicate directly back to the primary servers

    This new system and the process will not only provide a way for players to explore content options, but it offers a reprieve from your normal routine. Through this type of gameplay and testing, we will be able to gather more feedback, gain a better understanding of what you want to see in the game and give you, as a player, more control over how you enjoy the game.

    We hope you are as excited about this concept as we are, and understand that this will generate many questions. Please focus your feedback on our Official Feedback Collection Thread <Here>. We look forward to your discussions and thank you for your continued support of Ascent: Infinite Realm.

    - The A:IR Crew
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