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    I know kakao only has the rights to publish in NA and EU and listed a bunch of countries regarding geographical location but a bunch of games had been published targeting NA and EU only without IP block so people from south america could join the NA servers obviously without offering cash shop currency for their local currency but they had no IP block

    The territory of service leaves that question open, It doesn't say anything about an IP block I would like a confirmation and a "no ip block" as an answer

    I would like to play in NA despite of the high ping without a VPN. A bunch of my friends and I don't wanna live another Black Desert experience, waiting for 2 years to finally play it without a vpn and we got a very bad publisher (Redfox)

    People are still going to play with a VPN exactly how they did with black desert before we got bdo south america because we don't wanna stay out of this game, this time we have no confirmation about a south american server and quite frankly I would rather not have one, bdo NA and bdo SA have a huge difference in population

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