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    Technology design of A:IR in general

    To start off, I don't like how certain things are basically copy&paste from modern technology with just slight adjustments. I'd like to see more things where magic and lower level technology is clearly visibly combined instead.

    Most prominent example is the missile launcher on the 2-seater ships, which looks just out of place, especially with basically heat seeking missiles being launched. During the intro a seemingly modern aircraft engine is shown, which throws me off a bit, as right before or after we see medival knights.
    Also, guns, rockets , fairly large metallic mines being thrown by gunners and all of the similar weaponry clash with a presence of a melee class, because my immersion is instantly goes out of the window due to historical context, in which as we know guns were the end of heavy armour.

    If there were more magical elements to technologies above, such as rocket launchers being actually magical devices(and looking as such) shooting angry semi-sentient fire spirits or handgun weaponry using magical crystals for a power and ammo source - which could be blocked by magically imbued shields - then certain discrepancies in technological art design would not be as immersion breaking as they appear to me now.


    I may have missed cetain details due to not enough video material being able, but from what I've seen, the skybox is a bit boring to look at. It needs to be more fantastical for a change IMO, especially as we might look up to the sky more often simply due to use of aerial vehicles and mounts.

    Here's an example of the direction the skybox design should go to in my opinion(from 0:45 mark on):

    Architecture in general

    I'd like to see more original designs of buildings rather than traditional/modern european or asian architecture. Castles and such things aren't too bad, really, but I'd like to see some new things, too.

    Taking a SP game series as example: Morrowind was really great at its time because it was so original both thematically and visually. Then came Oblivion and suddenly there were plainly looking european villages/cities and buildings everywhere - which really wasn't really exciting visually. Skyrim got it somewhat better in that regard because of Nord/Dwemer ruins, Marcath and Dragonborn DLC, but I wished it was way more on the fantastic side of things.

    I also think that adding more verticality to cities in A:IR might make things a bit more interesting compared to other games. Great opportunities to use personal wings etc.

    Character creation

    - There is quite strange discrepance between male and female characters in the character creator at the first sight: most dudes seem pretty much caucasian, girls are 100% Korean.
    I'd like to see some good looking female presets and face options that are clearly European for an easier character creation for players with according preference.

    - Female hair styles

    I would like to see a selection of European braided styles and some styles with a moving ponytail(ie with moderate hair physics). The current selection looks kind of same-y to me, there is IMO not enough variety.

    Breast slider and Torpedo Tits

    Well, the most important slider :D is the biggest disappointment of them all.

    In short: it seems that the breast sliders make the breast grow mostly horizontally rather than somewhat diagonally, potentially resulting in a severe case of torpedo tits, just like we had it in Aion. Also, the max size is not big enough, IMO.

    Given the chance I'd like to create a character in the lines of the dark haired female(Leona) from this video:

    I don't think that will possible with the current character creation. Given the number of all other appearance adjusting options(to the point of total exaggeration when it comes to hair and skin shading and colour), it seems strange to offer such a limited freedom of choice in this regard.

    Airships and flying animals don't have to be the only objects to float in the sky

    Large flying rocks carrying fortifications, that can be directed/moved around by players or at least by npc factions, if player control is too hard to implement for big structures, could be a welcome change, too.
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    Disgusting boss and monster design to avoid

    I played Tera some months ago and was reminded of some art design decisions that started to bother me more and more after a while:

    In Tera there are bosses that literally fart in your face(giant monkey, some crabs) and vomit all over you(Bandersnatch) repeatedly. Over time one starts to wonder whether it might be some sign from the developers about what they might think about their own playerbase. Considering the amount of crazy elinophiles sinking thousands of dollars to stare at some 3d child butt this wouldn't surprize me, but for regular players like me this is off-putting and reduces the enjoyment of the game after a while.
    The other detail were the boss and mob designs where the monsters would look like some collection of walking tumours randomly put together. I understand this was done for an instance about some crazy experiments gone wrong, but this still looked quite disgusting and disappointed me from the artistic point of view.

    Therefore in my opinion it would be pretty nice if the Bluehole art designers working on this game might maybe try and create monsters that still would look intimidating, terrifying and whatnot but not just simply disgusting.

    Enemy humanoid faction design in general

    I feel a bit tired of encountering the same style of crazed murder-happy and dumb goons in games. It gets boring over time to fight against enemies that not only are designed to look as a ragtag group of dimwitted bandits but also behave like that.
    IMO it would be a nice change to create an enemy faction that are fairly sofisticated, enigmatic and highly intimidating without looking like bunch of cannibalistic clowns. This is actually my impression about the major NPC enemies after watching a gameplay video about some sort of invasion happening in the main city of A:IR's gameworld.

    Armour design

    In short, my very personal opinion:
    I expect heavy armour to look like it offers protection by covering sufficient amount of skin while magical clothing should look magical, pretty and lightweight, showing some leg and a bit of a shoulder on female characters, for example.
    This does not mean that I am going to demand changing existing designs into something else, but I do expect some variety so my preferences are met. IE I find the female warlord armour from preview quite pretty, but it absolutely does not satisfy my craving for some badassery I would expect from a supposedly heavily armoured tank class.

    Have some pictures:





    Raid boss design for aerial battles

    Watched a video of an aerial raid where a bunch of small ships were shooting a floating lich or something in that line of art design and was fairly disappointed. It looked lame, it played lame and I expected some more creativity from the visuals.
    Here's the video:

    It seems to me that for aerial battles "bosses" should be designed to look like they actually belong into air rather than being a slightly modified model of a bipedal creature.

    Some random examples:

    • Somewhat abstract creature: Melditha from Tera.


    This thing has everything you need for a big aerial boss battle:
    - the central eye would shoot a giant laser beam the ship would need to avoid
    - small eyes could shoot small magical projectiles
    - big meaty tentacles to randomly flail around and finer longer tentacles to shoot towards ships and pull them in for some hot big laser of doom action in close range
    - it can change its shape for some big aoe attacks etc
    - it could shoot off some spores which would invade player ships for some regular character vs monster fights on ship decks

    • Regular pirate type of boss enemy: a big mean looking pirate airship with some smaller escort ships.

    • Something towards crazy automations attacking out of nowhere: a big flying fortress.

    I think there are enough choices that offer some interesting visuals fitting an air battle setting AND supporting air gameplay mechanics that allow to abstain from really trite bosses designs like in the video above.

    Horns, animal and elf ears for characters

    I think these could improve the creative viariety in character creation and give players that prefer their characters on a more unusual, fantastical side an actual choice in the first place. after all, the current character creation offers quite a lot of choices, but you end up looking all very human, even with pointy ears.

    Every time I see some character image featuring unusual facial features like those in the title I wonder how these would fit into an MMO with a very detailed character creation. My conclusion is always that this would be really amazing save for the issues with hats and similar items.

    Naturally, a combination horns + elf ears or maybe even animal ears + elf ears should be possible. I know that there seems to be an elf ear option already present in the character creator, I just mention it again, in hope that there might be a sufficient degree of rotation and size choices.

    As always, some pictures:


    Immersion breaking negligence/short cuts in map design

    Like invisible walls in Tera everywhere, for example not allowing to jump even over small gaps in the ground in the BAM mission area on the Island of Dawn.

    Or like the way the flight tutorial mission in A:IR is made, where you need to follow a path through several rings and try to avoid being shot at. Your flypath leads right through the rotor blades of the giant flying ship you are starting from, which instantly kill immersion for me.

    Thing like these should not happen and I really think this is one of the reasons the korean MMOs and games have a hard time in the west - korean devs seem to have a really hard time to understand how important immersion is for a good game experience.
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    So, I just came upon this:

    And it instantly reminded me that I REALLY would like to see playable grown up(!) animal girls like Ahri in a high-quality MMO as opposed to the weird and disgusting paedophile fetishism exposed in games like TERA.

    Also recently, when playing WoW, I realized that in that game I'm not interested in regular human characters and in general prefer female Draenei. For the simple reason that humans are pretty bland and Draenei offer a reasonable balance between unusual/fantastical but still humanoid appearance yet aren't all the way out there like the Worgen or the Pandaren(honestly, are there people who actually find the female variants of the last two appealing?).

    I also think there is a perfect story/lore reason to make playable characters with horns, animal ears/tails and elven ears possible:

    Since after the great catastrophy so many souls got apparently trapped in some sort of a spirit world where they come from for the reincarnation at the start of the game, it is perfectly possible that upon their stay on that other side their spirit energies might have gotten an infusion from other beings also dwelling in this spirit realm after the mass extinction. Thus upon their reincarnation they show features of the beings they might have gotten some of the soul energy from.

    Dudes, if you don't want to listen to me, listen to this man:


    That Ahri animation is so magnificent...

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