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Jan 26, 2018
Aug 15, 2017
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A:IR Crew
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Jan 26, 2018
    1. Kurumi
      \o\ go go go
    2. CryTek
    3. Tez
      Hey there Jouska ... hope all has been well ... looking to check this game out and stream it.
    4. Tiamia
      Thank you for helping us. Just looking for info about the game.
    5. DopeZZz
      When it will be ZBT
    6. mattamint
      PM Jouska

      I'd like to make an information video for A:IR and post it to Youtube. To whom, if anyone, can I reach out to for information other than what can be found here on the forums or on the homepage and whom must I seek permission from?
    7. Zinx
      Making a note of XenForo of how you've got something setup.

      Home & Forums button redirects you to the same place. Might want to modify the data on /admin where it redirects you to the proper website of A:IR
    8. LaMelo
      And If I play on Americas, Europe or Oceania, i'd get so much delay lag, still playable but I cant play competitively PVP.. which would make me very weak..

      Also, I live in the Philippines...
    9. LaMelo
      Hey Jouska, I was wondering wheter there will be an Asian dedicated sever,i know there will be america, europe , and oceania or something... also as most MMORPG's just have Korea for the Asia server which is a bummer, impossible to play as it would require a Korean number and cant even talk to anyone...
    10. War
      Long time no speak, Jouska.
    11. slavonGolder
      Good afternoon, you are not in the know in Russia game will be released?
    12. Laguna
      I was wondering, did you failed writting your role with PM instead of CM ? ;)
    13. Xeeter
      this jouska from bdo? like CM_Jouska?
      1. Xariun
        Jouska became BDO's PM and appears to have moved here to this game. Kakao has their hand in this game as well.
        Nov 10, 2017
        Xeeter likes this.
    14. Mark Nichols
      Mark Nichols
      Hey man, super stoked about this game, looks epic!!! Id love to beta test and more than happy to stream it as well(dual PC setup 1080ti\1080) Best of luck,with the continue progress and the launch, been beta testing since eq1 days, so i know the stress, take care.
    15. lordkine
      Hi Jouska please tell me will the game be localization in Russian?
      It is hard to play games like MMO RPG is not the native language.
    16. zeno
      hello . will the game be region free = English support ( i live in turkey Europe region ) or will it bee like black desert online region look and after 10 years will be released on our region . i hope the game will be international . thanks
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