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  1. Marduk
    Marduk A:IR Crew
    Hola Amigo.
    He estado buscando un juego como este algún tiempo.
    he visto variados trailers y gameplays, me a gustado.
    ahora, entiendo que esta solo en modo beta.
    a mi y a un amigo mio nos gustaría poder probar este juego.
    como podemos conseguir la Key de Beta tester para este juego?
    Marduk, Player.
  2. sQi
    Steampunk is <3
  3. Jaded_Magic
    Jaded_Magic CM Goodvibesguy
    Hi, I am new the A:IR community, I was wondering if there was a discord for the game. Thank you
  4. Patrick
  5. Patrick
    i dont know how to change name
    1. Better than pAtrik
      Better than pAtrik
      how dumb of you
      Oct 21, 2019
  6. Better than pAtrik
  7. Patrick
    Patrick Better than pAtrik
    You also gay
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    2. Better than pAtrik
      Oct 21, 2019
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    3. Better than pAtrik
      Oct 21, 2019
  8. Better than pAtrik
    Better than pAtrik
    Patik is gay
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  9. Eternal
    If you are this lazy, then an instant-gratification like A:IR best suits your ilk! Even writing/reading a few sentences is too hard for you!
  10. Eternal
    You think you are intricate when you couldn't even spend some effort to reply and counter my argument? What else can you do for an MMO?
  11. Eternal
    You can't see the quality of this game which is obvious & when I write something negative which is reflective of it, it's atention-grabbing?
  12. Eternal
    Oh, so this is what you think this is? Me grabbing attention?
  13. Ayia
    Did not read, will not read. Good luck getting the attention you need somewhere else.
  14. Eternal
    Practicing politics on this dead forum as if you have a platform lol. Shut up! You are doing nothing here but presenting yourself!
  15. Eternal
    You are vying for influence here! You are pathetic! Someone who is devoid of logic/sense and knows nothing but to white-knight this game.
  16. Eternal
    That is their job; it is after all their website. What are you trying to accomplish telling them to do something that is their business?
  17. Ayia
    Please, clean the forum and the chat box from the spam.
  18. payne martinson
    payne martinson
    just hope this does not turn into another disappointment like fallout 76 did but i am hopefull.
  19. Arika
    Hey guys ^-^ กอดร้อน My website: Let's get up into the A:IR happily :3
  20. TudorRobertRaul